Posted by: littlewifey05 | April 20, 2011

35 Days & Counting….

Once again, I’m super duper sorry I haven’t been on in FOREVER. Things around here just get crazy.

I cannot believe Sean’s first birthday is only 35 days away. I began to put together a large photo album of his first year. It has everything from my pregnancy all the way until now, and I will continue to add to it until the day he turns one. Looking through all the NICU photos and hospice photos, along with everything from when he was so little, just breaks my heart and makes me happy in the most amazing bittersweet reality I could have.

Last year, I never imagined I’d be here. Last year at this time,  I was mentally preparing myself for the worst, because that was the reality. But Sean has proven reality wrong. He’s a dream, he’s the most amazing little child I’ve ever laid eyes on. Nothing to me can compare to the trials he’s been through, and what we have had to endure together. And to look at him now, his huge smiley face, his energetic personality, and his will to move and thrash and just be a child, I could never imagine being so blessed.

He’s beginning to gain more and more head control everyday, and I always sit him up on my lap, holding his ribs and upper belly to stabalize him while he bobbles around and looks at everything. He seems to like the “freeness” of not having his heavy head leaning against something, and for short periods, he will lift his own head and just be curious. Solid foods are still an absolute disaster. But I keep truckin and trying! One day…he’ll get there.

Last weight check we had he was 13lbs5oz, which is a hefty baby if you ask me! He’s about 21-23 inches long (we always approximate).

Also, we stopped the oral fosamax, since we’re not really sure why he’s continuing on it, and there are all those lawsuits of Fosamax oral. He seems to be doing really well, and even though he’s overdue for PAM as we speak, he’s not too fussy. We’ve lowered him down as much as we can on the morphine, and unfortunately, since he’s been on it so long, he does appear to be going through slight withdrawl when he hasn’t had at least one dose a day. Which, actually, when you think about how much he was on (every 4 hrs routine), only 1 dose in a 24hr time span (or even 2) is great, and not very much at all. Since the lowering, he also is awake much more, and plays around and is VERY active. He’s starting to make first attempts at rolling over, which I’m not sure I’m excited about. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great and all that he’s finally hitting some baby milestones, but it scares me thinking of him rolling over and breaking an arm or something. or cracking ribs on the way over. I guess only time will tell, and the fact of Sean is that if he does something to hurt himself, he doesnt really try again until i do.

Most exciting news I have? Sean’s 1 year photos are this saturday! So be on the look out for those coming up in the next couple weeks! I’m more than thrilled! The wonderful Brandy Davis of Wild-flower Photography, who did Sean’s photos previously, moved onto North Carolina, and so referred me to a friend of hers, Paula Bradfield from PBradfield Photography, and Paula (bless her heart) has offered us a free photo session for Sean! How grateful and blessed I am to have such WONDERFUL people like Paula & Brandy give their time and work for Sean is unimaginable.

I’m also adding a gallery to the end of this post of all new photos of Sean! 🙂

Until next time…



  1. Thanks for the update! I check here often but understand how busy you must be. I have been reading from the begining since I have a May baby also. I used to be on BBC but have been to busy to keep up over there once he was born. I am very happy to see how well Sean is doing and I love the pictures. You and Sean are very insperational.

  2. He’s getting so strong! Such a sweet heart. I just love to see his little smile. 🙂

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